Wang Ming Tai

Personal Info.

Date of Birth:February 12th 1966
Height:180 cm
Weigh:68 kg

A multifaceted artist, adept at both acting and directing, with extensive experience spanning film, television, and beyond. Their directorial effort, “Fall……in Love,” garnered the “Most Promising” award at the Venice Film Festival’s Out of Competition section, while the TV series “Falling” earned them the Best Director accolade at the 48th Golden Bell Awards. Their filmography includes notable appearances in “After School,” “Eye of the Storm,” “I Missed You,” and “The Painting of Evil,” alongside roles in television series such as “Heaven on the 4th Floor,” “Utopia For The 20s,” and “Baby Daddy.”


Filmography – Movies:

2023《After School》Director- Blue Lan
2023《Eye of the Storm》Director- Chun-Yang Lin
2021《I Missed You》Director- Chih-Yen Hsu、Mag Hsu
2019《The Painting of Evil》Director- Yung-Chi Chen

Filmography – TV series:

2021 PTS《Heaven on the 4th Floor》Director- Singing Chen
2018 PTS《Utopia For The 20s》Director- Wang Shau di
2015 PTS《Baby Daddy》Director- Wang Ming Tai
2013 PTS《Reading Taiwan Literature-行走的樹》Director- Wang Shau di
2008 PTS《Justice For Love》Director- Wang Ming Tai
2003 PTS《Crystal Boys》Director- Jui Yuan Tsao
2001 PTS《大醫院小醫師》Director- Wang Shau di

Director Works:


2005《Fall……in Love》
2002《Brave 20》

TV Series:

2023 CTV《My Secret, Terrius》
2022 PTS《I’ve walked Through The Love’s Wilderness》
2019 TTV、EBC、iQIYI TW《Moonlight Romance》
2017 Mango TV《Angelo》
2016 TTV、GTV《Have You Ever Fallen in Love, Miss Jiang?》
2015 PTS《Baby Daddy》
2013 Hunan Satellite TV《Runaway Sweetheart》
2013 SET、TTV《Déjà Vu》
2012 PTS《Falling》
2010 SET、TTV《Lucky Days》
2008 GTV、CTV《Rolling Love》
2008 PTS《Justice For Love》
2007 GTV、CTS《Summer X Summer》
2007 FTV、Star TV《Brown Sugar Macchiato》
2006 GTV、PTS《Tokyo Juliet》
2006 GTV、CTS《Hanazakarino kimitachi》
2002 CTS《Meteor Garden II》



《Brave 20》

  • 2001 Received the National Film Subsidy from the News Bureau of the Executive Yuan
  • 2001 Awarded the Excellent Film Script Award by the News Bureau of the Executive Yuan
  • 2002 Nominated at the 22nd Hawaii International Film Festival
  • 2002 Selected for the New Currents Competition at the 7th Busan International Film Festival
  • 2002Nominated at the Three Continents Festival in Nantes, France
  • 2003 Nominated at the P.O.P Cinema “Eyes On the Wind of Taiwan Films”

《Fall……in Love》

  • 2005 Awarded the “Most Promising” prize at the 62nd Venice Film Festival’s Out of Competition section
  • 2006 Nominated in the competition section and as the opening film at the Belgian Independent Film Festival
  • 2007 Nominated at the Fribourg International Film Festival

TV Series


  • 2013 48th Golden Bell Award Best Directing for a Television Series