Vega Tsai

An all-round artist, she seamlessly transitions between various roles encompassing acting, hosting, writing, and playwriting. Her influence extends across television, cinema, radio, and theatre performances. Her talent was recognized with the Best Actress accolade at the 2nd Taipei Film Festival for her captivating portrayal in a short film. Further acclaim followed as she was honored with the Best Actress of the Year title at the 2015 Shanghai One Drama Awards for her outstanding performance in the Godot Theatre Company production of “Our Town”. Adding to her impressive repertoire, in 2024, she clinched the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 32nd Shanghai Bai Yulan Drama Performance Art Awards for her compelling portrayal in the stage play “平如美棠”.

Stage Performances
Godot Theatre Company: “妳和我和他的真相” 、” Our Town “、 ” Mr.Right Wanted”、 ” Communicating Doors”、 ” Othello”
Story Works : ” Silent Sisterhood
“、 ” The Whistleblower”、 ” The Way of Zhuang Zi”、 ” The Moon is Always Full”、 ” Unspoken”、 ” Don Quixote”
All U People Theatre: ” The Tattooed General, his mom, and her daughter in law”、 “Roommate”
Performance Workshop: ” Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land”、” Ménage à 13″
Drama Performer: ” Prediction”、” Forever Dialogue”
成都人來瘋文藝創作: “平如美棠”

Film and TV Performances
Movies: ” All Because Of Love”、” Double Vision”、” The Cabbie”
TV Series: ” Island Nation 2″、” Danger Zone”、” Animal Whisper”、” Miss in Kiss
“、” My Super Dad”、”我的這一班”、”母雞帶小鴨”、”全家福” and more.

Writing Credits
Web Series: “為愛發電!”
Movies: ” L-O-V-E, No.6″
TV Series: ” SweetGA

Personal Info.

Date of Birth:3rd May



2019《On The Wednesday Night》《Floating Weeds》
2017《All Because Of Love》
2009《L-O-V-E, No.6》
2002《Double Vision》
2000《The Cabbie》
1998《Bad Girl Trilogy- My Own Personal Gun》
1987《Daughter of the Nile》
1983《Beside The Lonely Lake》

TV series

2024《Haunted House for Sale》
2022 《No Problem at All》
2021 《Island Nation 2》《婚內失戀》
2021 《Danger Zone》《唐冬菊師姐的故事》
2020 FTV、LINETV《Animal Whisper》
2017 CHOCOTV《God Bless You》
2016 EBC、LINETV《Miss in Kiss》
2016 Da Ai Television《Mysterious equation》
2015 CTI《一個角落》
2014 SET《Aim High》
2014 PTV《史上最強防守隊》
2013-2017 PTV《我的這一班》
2013-2017 Da Ai Television《My Super Dad》
2012 PTV《美麗鏡界》
2011 PTV《One Step is Enough》
2011 Da Ai Television《聽見心的聲音》
2011 Da Ai Television《Family Bonds of Love》
2009 Da Ai Television《An Heir of Love》
2008 SET《I Should Succeed》
2007 PTV《睫毛膏》
2006 Star Chinese Channel《天使情人》
2006 PTV《Mico, GO!》
2006 PTV《Dangerous Mind》
2005 PTV《A Story of Soldiers》
2005 PTV《A Spy’s Tale》
2004 PTV《絕地花園:黑夜藍天》
2004 CDTV《少年寶親王》
2004 PTV《手機有鬼》
2003 TTV《捷運愛情故事-心動列車之醃蘿蔔的滋味
2003 Star Chinese Channel《The pawnshop no.8》
2003 FOX Shanghai
2002 TTV《台灣曼波第三部曲》
2002 特文化連續劇《我的淘氣天使》
2001 PTV《97巷2號5樓》
2001 CTS《四大名捕鬥將軍》
2000 CTV《State of Divinity》
2000 PTV《風車》
1999 CTV《海海的人生》
1998 CTS《帝王之旅》
1998 CTV《女巡按:真假公主》
1998 CTS《土地公傳奇:天生一對》
1997 CTV《大姐當家》
1997 CTS《A Pillow Case of Mystery:真假皇帝》
1997 CTV《布袋和尚》
1996 EBC《總統的故事》
1996 CTV《天師鍾馗:包公三請鍾馗》
1996 ATV《計中計狀元財:戰地來客》
1995 CTS《兄弟有緣1》+《兄弟有緣1》
1995 ATV《新包青天:殉情記》
1994 CTS《納桑麻谷我的家》
1994 CTV《牽手出頭天》
1993 CTS《Justice Pao:真假狀元》
1993 CTS《Justice Pao:菩薩嶺》
1992 CTS《母雞帶小鴨》
1992 CTV《再世情緣》
1990、1988 CTS《佳家福》
1987 CTV《長相思》
1986 CTS《煙雨濛濛》
1986 TTV《福祿壽喜》
1985 TTV《State of Divinity》
1985 CTV《牽情》
1985 TTV《The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber》
1985 CTV《一剪梅》
1984 TTV《最難忘的人》
1983 TTV《向太陽挑戰》


2022 Story Works No.17《Silent Sisterhood》
2022 Story Works No.16《The Whistleblower》
2019 All U People Theatre《The Tattooed General, his mom, and her daughter in law》
2019 Story Works Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts《The Way of Zhuang Zi》
2019 Story Works No.9《The Moon is Always Full》
2018 All U People Theatre《The Tattooed General, his mom, and her daughter in law》
2018 Story Works No.4《The Way of Zhuang Zi》
2018 Godot Theatre Company X Ping-Fong Acting Troupe《Mr.Right Wanted》
2017 Godot Theatre Company《Our Town》
2017 Story Works No.3《Unspoken》
2017 All U People Theatre《Roommate》
2017 Godot Theatre Company X Ping-Fong Acting Troupe《Mr.Right Wanted》
2016 Story Works No.1《Don Quixote》
2014 Godot Theatre Company 25th Anniversary Edition《Our Town》
2014 Godot Theatre Company Tour to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong《Our Town》
2013 Drama Performer《Forever Dialogue》
2010 Drama Performer 10th Anniversary drama《Prediction》
2008 Godot Theatre Company《Othello》
2007 Godot Theatre Company《Communicating Doors》
2006 Godot Theatre Company 5th edition《Our Town》
2006 IfKids Theatre Studio musical《Unbearable Panda》
1999 Performance Workshop《Ménage à 13》
1999 Performance Workshop《Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land》
1999 99 Troupe talk show《九九狂講首部曲》


2011 Writer and speaker of children’s audio books《The Perrine Story Perrine de “En famille”》
2009 Screenwriter of film《L-O-V-E, No.6》
2009 Screenwriter of web drama《為愛發電》

Award nomination

2014 The 49th Golden Bell Awards Educational and Cultural Program Host《幕後的一千零一夜故事》
2012 The 47th Golden Bell Awards Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film《聽見心的聲音》
2007 Golden Bell Awards Best Performer《寶貝地球智多星》
2000 The 35th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actress《Bad Girl Trilogy- My Own Personal Gun》


2024 Shanghai白玉蘭戲劇表演藝術獎Best Supporting Actress 《平如美棠》
2015 One Drama Award Best Actress《Our Town》
2006 Golden Bell Awards Best Performer《非常有藝思》
1999 Taipei Film Festival Best Actress《Bad Girl Trilogy- My Own Personal Gun》

Host-TV Show

2015 PTV《我的天空我來闖》
2014 PTV《幕後的一千零一夜故事》
2007 PTV《非常有藝思》
2006-2007 Videoland Television Network《南極特快車》、《寶貝地球智多星》
2006 MOMO TV《IQ部落格》
2002 CTV《歡喜玉玲瓏》
2001 CTV《綜藝少女組》
2000-2003 TVBS-G《娛樂新聞》、《娛樂週日報》、《日本娛樂一週間》
2000 CTV《頭號娛樂》
1999-2015 Disney Channel
1990 TTV《彩虹街》
1991 CTS《笑星撞地球》


2024 UFO Broadcasting《飛碟Happy Go》
2010-2017 UFO Broadcasting《好男好女過日子》
2001-2003 ETFM《ET娛樂心得報報》


2016-2023 Brand’s (InnerShine Collagen 5000)
2010-2012 Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation (Forte Care Products)
1999-2015 Disney Channel (Taiwan)

Social Media