Tim Liu

Personal Info.

Date of Birth:October 20th 1990
Specialty:Sing ,Dance ,Horse Riding ,Martial Arts ,Basketball ,Guitar

Tim Liu started his career as a model and entered the film and television industry in 2017. In 2018, he gained recognition for his role in the web series “Rakshasa Street.”
He went on to participate in TV dramas such as “The Twin Flower Legend” “The Lion’s Secret” as well as movies like “Warning from hell” and “異能學府”


Filmography – TV servies

coming soon 《First note of love》Director Chien-Hung Lien
《The Twin Flower Legend》Director Gam-Yuen Ng
《The Lion’s Secret》Director-Tsai Yueh-Hsun

Filmography – Web Serise

《Rakshasa Street》Director-十一月
《Mr. Bodyguard》Director-Jian Xin Wu

Filmography – Movies

《Warning from hell》Director-Danny Pang
《Romance With Blind Master》Director-Zhu Hui Lin
《異能學府》Director-Qing Song Liu
《四大美人之貂蟬傳》Director-Le Ma
《Personal Assistant Of Female President》Director-Yao Xue