Szuyu Lin

Personal Info.

Date of Birth:June 2ed 1991

Language:Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, German
Interests:Dancing, Rapping, Watching movies
Specialties:Track and Field, Ball Sports
Education:National Taiwan University- master’s Program in Agricultural Economics

In 2014, she made her debut by appearing in the highly popular series TV drama, ” Angel′N′Devil”, and she also served as the leader of the girl group “Angel′N′Devil”. In 2016, she took on the role of the host of “Showbiz” and became one of the new-generation multi-talented female artists in Taiwan, excelling in the fields of music, acting, and television. In recent years, she has shifted her focus towards film and television acting, receiving widespread acclaim for her leading role in “Back To Home”. In 2021, she took on a leading role in the well-known IP adaptation “Women in Taipei” and also participated in the third season of the popular program “All Star Sports Games”, showcasing not only her enduring popularity but also earning acclaim as a symbol of female empowerment. In 2022, she played the leading role in《The Nipple Talk》, a Taiwanese drama that explores modern society from various perspectives and pushes the boundaries of Taiwanese television. Her work in this series garnered significant attention, establishing Szuyu as one of Taiwan’s promising young actresses.


Filmography – TV series

Coming Soon The Nipple Talk
Coming Soon你是我的姐妹
2021 Women in Taipei
2021 The Arc of Life
2019 Magic Moment
2019 Back To Home
2018 Bodhisattva in Storm
2018 Between
2017 Age of Rebellion
2017 My Dear Boy
2017 Family Time
2016 High 5 Basketball
2016 終極遊俠
2014 Angel ‘N’ Devil

Filmography – Movies

2013 Rhythm of the Rain

Short film

2023 《Home for sale》
2018 《VOGUE》Taipei Fashion Week promo
2017  Beseye年度微電影無悔付出的愛
2017  aiwan SHISEDIO《台灣資生堂 60 週年微電影「第 6 號人生跑道篇」
2010 【青春夢】藍色37°C


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She has a strong determination to be an actress and once said, “I am someone who needs to keep trying and colliding, so I am thankful for the past period of unknowns and exploration. It has made me clearer about what I truly want.”
“Every time I step into a new role, I start off as someone slightly unfamiliar and uncomfortable, slowly searching for my place on the stage, and discovering the most suitable form of existence for myself,” she said.

-Exclusive Interview by Vogue