Personal Info.

Date of Birth:June.10th 1993
Language:Chinese and Japanese
Hobby:Flower Arrangement, Baking, Photography, Painting

In 2018, Lucia made her debut and immediately took on the role of the female lead in the Taiwan-Japan co-production film “Hotel Iris,” co-starring with Masatoshi Nagase, which helped her gain recognition. In 2021, she was selected as a supernova at the Taipei Film Festival, and her presence could be seen in magazines, advertisements, music videos, and dramas. In recent times, she has acted in TV series such as “Copycat Killer” and “Port of Lies”, and she has also taken on the female lead roles in the movies “Echo” and a remake of “Hotel Iris.” Her latest work is the TV series ” The Nipple Talk “(coming soon), in which she plays the lead role.


Filmography – Movies

2022   Hotel Iris (Trailer)
2021   Echo  (Trailer)

Filmography – TV series

Coming Soon The Nipple Talk
2023 Port of Lies
2023 Copycat Killer
2023 At the Moment

Music Video

2024  Qiu Jun  –  Not Me
2023   JJ Lin- Dust and Ashes
2022   Yo Lee- Quitting You
2022   PoLin- Word Left Unsaid
2021   NeciKen- Ocean
2021   HumanHart- In The Red
2021   TRASH- Home
2019   Kirki- Rewind To Zero
2019   陳粒 – 情景劇
2018   929 Band – 曾經歡笑的時光

Short film

2024   黃尿一夢
2024   細漢大仔
2021   vivo 《圓形三角形
2018   夏爾 我的超人爸爸


2024  三菱機電 毛孩家庭
2023  新光三越周年慶
2023  Uniarts包包微電影
2023   PumaX麻古茶坊
2021   Jo malone
2021   INTEGRATE櫻特芮X哈哈台  初戀肌系列
2021   台灣彩券公益形象廣告 讓好事發生篇
2020   DARLIEx Jam Hsiao女孩篇
2020   HOROYOI x YOGA相聚篇
2020   ettusais 艾戀愛成功守則
2020   CLASSICO眼鏡
2019   7-11 CITY CAFE
2019   Kaigen Pac IB Granule
2019   VIVO S5
2019   7-11現萃茶
2019   Kotex  我的3分哲學
2019   JUelry Design 19 SS
2018   OPPO雲服務
2018   Sony Xperia XZ3
2018   Gogoro 2 PINK
2018   Maxwell
2018   M’INT & mikimoto珠寶 念念


2021 Taipei Film Festival Supernova