Haitai Bear(Cheng Wei Quan)

Haitai Bear is a renowned psychologist, acclaimed author holding a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, and a beloved host of a widely listened-to podcast. He excels in presenting intricate psychological concepts with a touch of lightness, warmth, and humor. With expertise spanning across love psychology, social psychology, and positive psychology, he has penned bestselling books such as “在怦然之後:關於愛情的16堂課” and “對愛,一直以來你都想錯了”.

As the host of the podcast “海苔熊的心理話”, he shares insights and wisdom, and he also contributes as a columnist to popular platforms like Womany and PanSci. Additionally, he frequently appears as an expert guest on various TV shows and radio programs, including “小明星大跟班”, “小姐不熙娣”, “11點熱吵店”, ” Chill Chill 懂事長”, “單身行不行”, and more.

Having delivered over 2000 lectures to date, his speaking engagements have traversed diverse sectors, including corporate, governmental, educational, and philanthropic organizations.

Personal Info.

Date of Birth:November 20th

NCUE Department of Guidance & Counseling doctoral degree
NTU Department of Psychology master-Social Psychology
NCCU Department of Psychology


Qualified National Counseling Psychologist from the National College Entrance Examination (高考)
Host of the original podcast program “海苔熊的心理話” on SoundOn
SHIPAI Dr. CHENG Psychology Clinic Psychotherapist
Metamorphosis Counseling Center Psychologic consultant
失落戀花園(Inbound Tech.)Director of Public Relations
Womany(女人迷), Babyou(姊妹淘),PanSci, etc. Columnist
Meettheone Psychologic R&D Director


Love Psychology (Love and Intimate Relationships)
Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, In-depth Interviews
Popular Science Writing and Communication, Event Hosting,.

Recent Activities

● 2023.12 Mervuries Life Insurance lecture
● 2024.01 2024 Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Center Pinway品味解答生活節 lecture
● 2024.03 Wisdomhall Journal of pisa reading literacy learning guest editor
● 2024.04 Ministry of Foreign Affairs lecture


● 2024《依賴陷阱: 在脆弱中找回勇敢, 凝視關係困局, 重拾自我的21個練習》
● 2022《因為有黑暗,我們才能在彼此生命裏靠岸》
● 2021《對愛,一直以來你都想錯了:學會愛自己,也能安然去愛的24堂愛情心理學》
● 2015《暖傷心:失戀癒療的15個練習》
● 2014《在怦然之後:關於愛情的16堂課》

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