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Kimi Hsia

A versatile talent, balancing duties as an actor, playwright, illustrator, and presenter, among others. Her endeavors cover a spectrum of fields including cinema, television, theatrical productions, and short films. In 2023, she received a nomination for the Golden Bell Award for her outstanding portrayal in “On Marriage-《梅莉》”. In 2011, she clinched the 46th Golden Bell..

Jian Man Shu

Jian Man shu, a versatile talent hailing from Taiwan, excels in various roles as an actor, director, and screenwriter. Her prowess was recognized at the Taipei Film Festival in 2015, where she clinched the Best Supporting Actress accolade for her performance in “Maverick”. Adding to her accolades, she secured the Best Supporting Actress in a..

Wang Ming Tai

Personal Info. Date of Birth:February 12th 1966 Height:180 cm Weigh:68 kg A multifaceted artist, adept at both acting and directing, with extensive experience spanning film, television, and beyond. Their directorial effort, “Fall……in Love,” garnered the “Most Promising” award at the Venice Film Festival’s Out of Competition section, while the TV series “Falling” earned them the..

Sphinx Ting

Personal Info. Date of Birth:November. 21st Height:186cm Weigh:80kg Sphinx Ting excells as an actor, curator, and model. Their remarkable talents shine through in diverse mediums including film, television, and short films. They’ve also made significant contributions to advertising and event participation. Notable works encompass TV dramas like “Haunted House for Sale,” “Oh No! Here Comes..

Vega Tsai

An all-round artist, she seamlessly transitions between various roles encompassing acting, hosting, writing, and playwriting. Her influence extends across television, cinema, radio, and theatre performances. Her talent was recognized with the Best Actress accolade at the 2nd Taipei Film Festival for her captivating portrayal in a short film. Further acclaim followed as she was honored..

Szuyu Lin

Personal Info. Date of Birth:June 2ed 1991 Height:166cm Weight:50kg Language:Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, German Interests:Dancing, Rapping, Watching movies Specialties:Track and Field, Ball Sports Education:National Taiwan University- master’s Program in Agricultural Economics In 2014, she made her debut by appearing in the highly popular series TV drama, ” Angel′N′Devil”, and she also served as the leader of..


Personal Info. Date of Birth:June.10th 1993 Height:166cm Weight:49kg Language:Chinese and Japanese Hobby:Flower Arrangement, Baking, Photography, Painting Specialty:Dubbing In 2018, Lucia made her debut and immediately took on the role of the female lead in the Taiwan-Japan co-production film “Hotel Iris,” co-starring with Masatoshi Nagase, which helped her gain recognition. In 2021, she was selected as..

Chou Gwang

Personal Info. Date of Birth:January 3rd 1998 Height:160 cm Weigh:45 kg Working as both a model and an actress, Chou is proficient in acting, painting (including illustration, comics, and sketching), dance (covering street dance and contemporary dance), DJing, piano, and singing. Portfolio includes: “Tainan Leisure Farm Image Advertisement” “iWALK Power Bank Advertisement” Career • Print..

Tim Liu

Personal Info. Date of Birth:October 20th 1990 Height:189cm Weigh:79kg Specialty:Sing ,Dance ,Horse Riding ,Martial Arts ,Basketball ,Guitar Tim Liu started his career as a model and entered the film and television industry in 2017. In 2018, he gained recognition for his role in the web series “Rakshasa Street.” He went on to participate in TV..